We are the No Meat Factory: We use the best ingredients to bring you high quality plant-based proteins at affordable prices. We are committed to a meat-based philosophy but with a plant-based future and planet in mind.


Blending all the joy of upscale cookery with the mindfulness of doing something good for you and the Earth, the plant based proteins from No Meat Factory match meat in taste and one-up it in quality, fulfilling what's been missing in the market; healthy, craveworthy options for a new generation of flexitarians.

No Meat Factory brings delicious high quality plant-based proteins to the table

Gourmet quality and taste

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Our culinary craftsmanship and clean-label quality provide bold flavor and valuable peace of mind with a high-grade ingredient list that optimizes health and satisfaction.

Meat-based philosophy

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We approach processing methods and our tried-and-tested recipes to guarantee a delicious meat-like texture and taste that exceeds evolving plant-based consumer expectations.

Giving back to you and the earth

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Our products make it effortless for everyday people to do better not just for their personal wellness, but also for the global community.